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Copyright owner

We offer image copyright owners a service that enables you to be compensated for illegal uses of your work.

Expect outstanding support at no cost to you and a high success rate.

“I chose Visual Rights Group because of their reputation and experience in the field. What I love about them and the experience to date is: they're professional with reasonable expectations of collections and above all, they're fair - to me and to the company who used my images without approval.”

How can we help you?

What are your specs for uploading images?

We prefer images in JPEG format, but we can also accept .png or .gif. You can send the images via WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc. or if you have a large number of images to submit, we’ll provide an FTP for you. You can also upload the images directly by following the instructions in “Add collection” under “Images” in our dashboard.

How does the process work?

After we’ve received your images, our proprietary software will scan the Internet for image matches filtering out mismatches and flagging commercial websites. We maximize your results by combining intelligent automated processes with a dedicated human touch. Once the results are posted to your account, you review the results and indicate which images have been correctly licensed and which have not. If we decide jointly to pursue the infringements, websites not authorized will receive a letter from us or one of our legal partners requesting a settlement for using your image(s) without permission.

Why should I register my copyrights?

Copyright protection is automatic from the moment a work is created so registration is not required to protect it. However, there are many benefits to registering your work. Registration enables you to pursue copyright infringement in federal court and you must file an application for registration before suing someone even after the infringement has occurred. Registration enables you to claim statutory damages and attorney’s fees although to be eligible you must register the work before infringement. You can find out more here

What about group registration of my images?

The U.S Copyright Office implemented a new rule (effective February 20, 2018) governing group registration of photographs. This rule adopts a new requirement that applicants seeking copyright registration for groups of photographs, both published and unpublished, must generally submit applications through their electronic registration system and include up to 750 photographs in each claim. The registration covers each photograph in the group, each photograph is registered as a separate work, and the group as a whole is not considered a compilation or a collective work. For complete information visit