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I received a letter

Pay for the right to use content

If you’ve arrived here, you probably received a letter from us or one of our legal representatives. In this case, you may have used a work of art without permission.

Photographers, press agencies and stock photo agencies work with Visual Rights Group to determine where their images are being used online. When we find websites where their work is being used without permission or a valid license, they can request compensation for a work you’re using illegally. Visual Rights Group protects those copyrights for artists and agencies.

We’ve identified an image or images on your website that we can’t find a legal license for use. We’re writing you to ask you to provide us with a previously purchased license if one exists. If so, please provide us with evidence of it. If there’s no valid license then we want to reach a fair settlement and request timely payment and removal of the image(s) unless you obtain a license to use them. However, just removing the image(s) does not resolve the case.

If you do have a valid license, please e-mail us the license as soon as possible to After we confirm that it’s accurate, we will immediately close the case, inform the artist and make a note of it in our system.

It’s important to be well informed about copyright. Please read our FAQs which contain useful tips and links. If you have more questions regarding this letter, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +1-844-666-3362. Your legal advisor or an intellectual property attorney can also provide you with more information.

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