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Your partner for copyright protection

Protect your visual assets.

Visual Rights Group offers image copyright owners a service that enables you to be compensated for the illegal use of your images. At no cost to you.

Our combination of proprietary state-of-the art tracking technology, manual checks and legal partnerships guarantees the quality of each case, resulting in a higher success rate. And we resolve your copyright infringements ethically.

What we offer you

Image search

Visual Rights Group’s reverse image tracking technology can scan and match your entire archive online , even cropped, mirrored and retouched images. Whether your collection is ten thousand or ten million images, we have unlimited capability. You can start by sending us a sample of your imagery and we’ll provide you with a free detailed report.


Visual Rights Group filters your results to your specifications and our high standards. We combine our intelligent automated processes with manual filtering that removes mismatches, whitelisted companies you designate, territories where we don’t work and websites that can’t be contacted. These curated results save you time when you’re reviewing the results.

Customized Reporting

After we’ve scanned your images you’ll receive a link to your results on our user-friendly dashboard. You’ll be able to see where your images are being used at a glance and designate whether the usage is licensed or not. We regularly rescan your archive to determine other possible infringements.

New Revenues

Working with Visual Rights Group helps you protect your assets, recover lost royalties and generate new revenues. Outsource policing your images to us so you can focus on what you’re good at: being creative. You’ll save time and effort and get the money you’re rightfully owed.


“We love working with Visual Rights Group in finding infringements and negotiating fair and reasonable settlements when our photographers’ images are used without permission. They are always professional with all parties involved. Visual Rights Group really is the best in the business.”
The European Pressphoto Agency's (epa) daily production of over 2000 news images reaches the global market mainly through our shareholders and distributors. The copyright protection of our images demands a very delicate approach as so many partners are involved in the licensing of the epa photography. With Visual Rights Group we found the right partner: Finding an infringement is just the starting point of the process. Visual Rights Group brings each infringement into a satisfactory solution.

Photographer or agency?

Our specialized team can help you determine and resolve copyright infringements.